Is it sexist to be transgender? (or genderfluid/genderqueer?

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Is it sexist to be transgender? (or genderfluid/genderqueer?

Postby questioning » Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:05 am

I myself identify as genderfluid/third gendered, because I have never felt as thought I fit into a category.
Recently I was called "Sexist" for having this identification. I was shocked, but not offended right away as I had never given this much thought..

Please help me to understand these things,
1.) If you are transgendered, what is it based on? Is it solely based on the gender roles society places on us? (which are sexist). Is it based on the way you feel/express yourself/act? (masculine, feminine, sensitive, aggressive, etc) Is it based on anything that isn't based off of society's sexism? Please explain if so!!

2.)Is "Gender Identity" itself a completely sexist concept?

3.) Does identifying as "genderfluid" make me sexist? Ironically, both sides of me (male and female) do not conform to societies definitions of masc/fem, nor do they seem to match masc/fem gender roles (Example: my masc side is still feminine, but can also be independent/fierce, My feminine side can be strong/brash and protective) When I identified as GF it was not based off of any of society's definitions of male/female, or the according roles, it wasn't based off of dominant/submissive concepts either.
-It was just based off of some feeling inside me saying "I'm not a girl" and really odd feelings inside that i can't explain, Like whenever I had a boyfriend (and i am biologically female btw,im not transgendered, and I have a female gender expression) I kept having odd feelings like I felt like it was a homosexual relationship (Like we were both men) This has nothing to do with dominance, gender roles, or gender expression on either of our parts. I just kept having the oddest feeling very often "What if he ever found out i'm a guy" Or maybe more rather "What if he ever found out i'm not a girl" I can't explain these feelings.
I don't often feel needs to desire myself as a "male" but i do find that I am more interested in Gay porn, have always naturally refused vaginal penetration, and taken to anal sex. I have also been more interested in penetrating males during intimacy. I can't explain any of that either.

any help is really appreciated!!! thank you so much!!

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Ice Maiden
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Re: Is it sexist to be transgender? (or genderfluid/genderqu

Postby Ice Maiden » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:28 pm

This last few weeks we have been looking at labels.
we finish this big question series next week.

But take a look at out Youtube Channel.

This is not actually an 18+ topic you could post this in our normal forum where more may answer it.

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Re: Is it sexist to be transgender? (or genderfluid/genderqu

Postby Cassie » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:24 pm

The answer is emphatically no.

Was the person who asked a radical feminist?
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